Movie posters: Face to face

Face to face,
with a year of comic book confrontations!  From Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Captain America: Civil War, and X-Men: Apocalypse, comes three films of titanic expectations.  Great personalities clash.  How will this type poster grab your attention at the box office?

Poses are serious and determined.  This is a signal of conflict and it will not be subtle.  Eyes are locked, even if its only a skull like Hamlet.   For superhero films, the face, mask, and costumes are all what’s needed to earn your interest and empathy.

What’s the point?
There are two interesting takes.  First, in my opinion, it’s more effective when adversaries lock eyes on each other rather than breaking the fourth wall.  You can feel the intensity and its appropriate they vent that intensity with each other and not the audience.  Second, we only see their profile, their half-face.  Iconic characters played by big named talent have egos just as large.  The poster risks half chances of recognition for the hopes you can pick up the visual clues.  This is why often they’ll release other posters with full poses.

Is this a new trend?

FreddyVsJason (2003)Though we do get three new posters over this summer, it is something we’ve seen before.  Freddy vs Jason (2003), a cross-over movie with two iconic horror personalities features not only the face to face style poster, but the horror portrait, and weapons in hand.  Like the films of 2016, they stand eye to eye.







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