Scooby Doo: The Caped Crusader Caper

Scooby Doo meets Batman and Robin (again),
in “The Caped Crusader Caper”.  It’s another mystery while camping near Gotham city limits.  It’s 8 O’clock, do you know where your nearest pizza parlor is?  Never mind, if you’re Shaggy you have the luck of running into the likes of The Penguin and The Joker from the universe of Batman and Robin.  These “master criminals” have kidnapped a dyslectic professor who unlocked the mysteries of flight.  Break out your bat-cookies.

The guest stars


The Dark Knight and his Boy Wonder. Batman and Robin in their Batcopter are vigorously on a search and rescue for a kidnapped professor.


The Gotham Rubber Factory, located in Gotham.


The villain, the mystery, and the technology


The Dryad, a fantastic spirit of the trees. It doesn’t like visitors using roads for vehicular traffic.


The Troll doesn’t just live under bridges it operates them too. It returns all modern machines back to where they came.


The kidnapping of Professor Flakey for his flying suit.


The flying suit developed by the confused and socially awkward, Prof. Flakey.


The Joker and The Penguin, captured. The Joker is particularly frightful as his mouth is locked open like an alligator ready to bite.

Unanswered questions of curiosity




Capturing the most depressing image of the episode.


Batman and Robin, together destroy advanced technology that works better than the one they’re trying to recover.

Final thoughts

Unusual, there is no mystery or conspiracy to unravel.  The gang joins Batman and Robin on a search and rescue mission.  From the beginning, we know everything we need about the episode and off we go.  “The Caped Crusader Caper” suffers from a lack of direction and focus, even Batman and Robin are bores.  The victim is either brilliant or a nincompoop, but we tire of him quickly as his butchering of the English language needs to be heard to be believed.  Not a favorite episode.  I recommend revisiting “The Dynamic Scooby-Doo Affair”.

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