Scooby Doo: The Ghost of Bigfoot


Scooby Doo meets Laurel and Hardy in “The Ghost of Bigfoot”,
and meet a century-old creature known as The Ghost of Bigfoot.  Enjoying a Vermont vacation, they rescue Laurel and Hardy from a Bigfoot attack.  A ski-trip turns into mystery solving as Mystery Inc. when the monstrous villain makes a habit of peeking through windows.  From The New Scooby Doo Movies, this an episode guide to “The Ghost of Bigfoot”.

The guest stars


The famous, Laurel and Hardy. In this universe they are easily identified and alive. They also are destitute. Desperate for work, they give up comedies for the hotel industry.


MacKinac Lodge, is located in Vermont.  Skiing is perfect with no waiting at the lift.  Nearly empty, most of the guests have abandoned out of fear of Bigfoot.

The villain, the mystery, and the technology


The Ghost of Bigfoot, a super strong beast that appears during snow storms. It loves to peek through windows, throw snowballs, and drive trucks.


Fabricating stolen vehicles with real license plates.


Ghostly projector defying laws of optics and physics together.


Jonathan Crabtree, unmasked.

Unanswered questions of curiosity


Daphe reads word-by-word from the MacKinac Lodge pamphlet. Do you see any words, Daphne?


Are there secret passageways between the hotel walls?


Bigfoot has a serious, compulsive problem with peeking through windows.


Thousands of dollars of damage, yet Laurel didn’t bother saying “sorry”.


Final thoughts

A shameless remake of “That’s Snow Ghost“, The New Scooby Doo Movies episode “The Ghost of Bigfoot” is a rare gem in a series of yawns.  The adaptation of Laurel and Hardy as living celebrities had enough nostalgia without becoming a parody of themselves.   Borrowing every formula that works from the original series, you can enjoy the episode through a single sitting.

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