“Oboyee” receives Santa Rosa 48 Hour Film Project awards including Best Cinematography and Costumes


RadioActive Studios receives Santa Rosa 48 Hour Film Project awards

Oboyee (2013), a Santa Rosa 48 Hour Film Project, and recipient of 7 nominations, was given 5 awards on September 7, 2013 during at the awards ceremony which included a re-screening of many of the projects films.  The awards were:

Second Runner Up for Best Film
Best Cinematography (tie)

Best Special Effects
Best Costumes
Best Use of Prop

The film also received an Honorable Mention for Best Sound Design.

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Conceptual Design: The Story of an Hour

The Story of an Hour

The conceptual design of The Story of an Hour,

should strive to be faithful to the Kate Chopin’s work.  This includes preserving the narrative but reaching the limits while interpreting the story.  The Story of an Hour (2007), the studio’s first publicly screened film, had to faithful to the short story while pushing the interpretive boundaries.  It was here I appreciated the differences between creating a story and directing one.  I chose Kate Chopin’s The Story of an Hour because it was a short and simple open to wide interpretation.  A broken woman learns of her husband’s death shows two different reactions.  One with her family downstairs and another upstairs alone.    There is a mysterious chair and sitting in it grants fantastic visions.

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