“Clever Girl and the Cuckoo Caper” Debuts at San Francisco’s 48 Hour Film Project

Clever Girl 2013 Hero Pose

Debuting June 6, 2013 at the Clay Theater in San Francisco, CA is RadioActive Studios latest production, Clever Girl and the Cuckoo Caper (2013).

A superhero genre, three patients plot escape from a mental health spa and the clutches of Madame Monstrosity.

This is the studio’s 11th 48 Hour Film Project production and 5th in San Francisco.

Studio Enters 2013 San Francisco’s 48 Hour Film Project

48HFPRadioActive Studios announces its entry into San Francisco’s 48 Hour Film Project for 2013.  This is the studio’s 11th 48 Hour Film Project and it’s 5th for the city of San Francisco.

Last year’s entry was 5: A Parody of 24 the Series (2012).

The studio’s first 48 Hour Film Project was in St. Louis in May of 2007 with Clever Girl.

If you’re interested in joining the cast or crew, email info [at] radioactive-studios dot com.

RadioActive Studios Receives Community Player Award

During the 2012 San Francisco 48 Hour Film Project award ceremony, Producer Vincent Lowe took time to present a Community Player Award to RadioActive Studios recognizing the studio’s participation and contributions to the 48 Hour Film project and independent film.  RadioActive Studios is honored sharing the recognition to all our cast and crew.

Yes, you can read about it on mobile devices.

RadioActive Studios, to date, have participated in nine 48 Hour Projects across three different cities.  Each project have been turned in on-time and presented to a paying audience.