Guerrilla Filmmaking 101: Camera Dolly, Reveal in Foreground

Rated T for Teen 22.16

Rated T for Teen, camera dolly with variation reveal in foreground.

The Camera Dolly, Reveal in Foreground is a technique introducing a new subject, generally from the left or right edge as the camera travels horizontally as the new subject is introduced in the foreground.  The subtle focus from one to other is helped by the separation of depth.

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Guerrilla Filmmaking 101: Mid Shots

Curious Shank 22.28

The Curious Augustus Shank, mid shot

Mid Shots may be the most natural camera frame.   Some theories, due to its banality, discourage it outright.   In some eyes, the mid shot indicates lack of direction.  If we were to silently sit on a park bench observing the human condition, what would we focus our attention?  Rarely we would walk up to a stranger for a close up.   We would get pushed back or slapped in the face!  Extreme wide shots are appropriate for atmosphere, but we can’t hear what anyone is saying.  There is no intimacy.  We begin to notice details with a wide shot.   Our eyes can focus on a subject from head to toe.  But the mid shot, is where we can approach with out threatening them.  They may not notice we’re there studying.

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