“Oboyee” receives Santa Rosa 48 Hour Film Project awards including Best Cinematography and Costumes


RadioActive Studios receives Santa Rosa 48 Hour Film Project awards

Oboyee (2013), a Santa Rosa 48 Hour Film Project, and recipient of 7 nominations, was given 5 awards on September 7, 2013 during at the awards ceremony which included a re-screening of many of the projects films.  The awards were:

Second Runner Up for Best Film
Best Cinematography (tie)

Best Special Effects
Best Costumes
Best Use of Prop

The film also received an Honorable Mention for Best Sound Design.

Director’s comments:
We’re very honored and humbled with the film’s consideration for Best Film.  We wanted to make a very different film that few others would dare approach. Long understanding both our strengths and weaknesses, they materialized in “Oboyee”.

Best Cinematography was just as big of a surprise.  Guerrilla filmmaking often doesn’t give time to carefully frame every shot.   In “Oboyee”, we had that rare opportunity.  A very simple film, it had extremely little kinetic motion.  Therefore, the camera had to tell the story.

I wanted to give the bedroom a very dreamlike look and feel.  The dust not only floats but glows.  If you look closely, dust will sometimes move quickly with the character body language. 

Giving full credit to our costume designer, “Oboyee” gave us the fortune to take advantage of our studio wardrobe.  Yes, we do stock a fair number of dresses, costumes, and masks.  They range from a hand crafted Elizabethan dress which took weeks and a high budget of dollars to create to a simple dust-protection suit gifted to me by the, now dissolved, NUMMI plant. 

The bandage was a fortuitous requirement.   It helped create a chilling effect when the mask is removed from Gretta’s husband only to conceal another mask underneath.  If you noticed, the little girl is also wearing a bandage on her hands.  Foreshadowing a hint of fantasy, concealing a wound or painful truth underneath.


Inspired by “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman published in 1892, Oboyee or Wallpaper, is an experimental film using art house techniques and Russian language.




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