Guerrilla Filmmaking 101: Camera Pan

Augustus 21.58

The Curious Augustus Shank, camera pan left

Camera Pan is a technique where the camera moves along a horizontal axis from a fixed position. It can be used to follow an object or simply capture a panoramic view. In some cases, it can be used to slowly reveal an element of the story.

As seen in: The Curious Augustus Shank
Panning right to left, we see Augustus Shank had returned to bed. Only after the full pan we notice he has passed away with open eyes.

As seen in: Period Piece
The camera pans in both directions always keeping our young heroine in the center frame regardless if she is visible or not behind the counter.  The technique reveals first the clown waiting for her before revealing a second time the clown had disappeared.

Guerrilla filmmaking 101 is a series a posts covering the basics in a quick-footed production.  Every director carries his or her own filmmaking philosophy.

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