Pre-production: Film Treatment for “Amber Alert 2 with Trailer”

Mark as The new Neighbor from St. Louis
Bryan as Sherlock Berman
Jeremy as Boston
Shane as Tulsa
Oksana as Mom and Wife
Natasha as Baby Girl
Brandie as Calgary
Jill as Secretary

Narrative: Vigilantes kidnap suspected child napper.

Film Treatment: Trailer … we see an empty park … narrator comments how children are missing.  A group of angry people in the neighborhood discuss … Natasha plays outside … Mark drives approaches her and offers a lollipop.  Bryan notices Jeremy playing with Natasha’s laptop.  Bryan remembers seeing Mark.   Bryan approaches Mark with confrontation.

Mark and Bryan talk in the garage.  Group confronts Bryan, who let him go.  Why?  He had a good reason.

Now what?  I gave him your names, phone numbers, where you work everything!  And he’s pretty angry.  He had a good reason.

Begin Film: It’s all quiet, Shane, Jeremy, are threatened.  Bryan comes upstairs.  Shane and Jeremy approach him.  Brandie’s phone message.   Bryan reveals the secret.  Shane and Jeremy are in pain. They go their separate ways.  We see children playing.

Amber Alert 2 with Trailer (2010) was a 48 Hour Film project for the city of San Jose, CA.

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