Props: Fresh apples

The apple,

whether made for Adam and Eve or Snow White, its a favorite fruit for filmmakers.  Easy to hold and throw, it comes in a variety of colors and not always red.

The apple is found readily in your favorite grocery or produce store.  Though dressed in many other colors, including green and yellow, it more familiar in red.  The apple can make an appearance alone or in groups when collected in a bowl.

A required prop of Ugly Birdhouse (2016), it made a prominent entry during the opening montage. It was also later grouped in a bowl before tossed in a barrage of apple-fire!  Because apples are easily bruised and broken, there was only a budget for one batch of apples.  It took careful tosses and clever editing to preserve the life of the apples before they were crushed against walls and landed into the dirt and bark.  No apples survived.

Tiny trivia: In Globex (2009), in a scene where the GLOBEX staff had tied their manager to a chair, one of the employees takes an angry bite of an apple.  It was deleted from the final cut.

Prop facts:
Fresh apples #003.
Purchased from grocery store, 2016.
An edible fruit coming in different colors, red being the most popular. Perishable and easily bruised.
Cost: Varies and generally priced by the pound.

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