The Ugly Birdhouse

UglyBirdhouseThe Ugly Birdhouse,

is an urban legend about a boogeyman, named Kirk Nordenstrom.  Described as a carpenter badly disfigured from an accident of his own making, he builds birdhouses and gives them away to the unsuspecting.  Anyone refusing his gift will be haunted by him.

He can appear and disappear as a ghost.  He teases his victims with the same ugly gift whispering the one word over and over again, “birdhouse”.

The victim must keep running, keep moving, until Kirk Nordenstrom tires and chooses to scare someone new.  It’s best to travel in planes or automobiles. But you must keep moving.   The boogeyman is near when you see sawdust.  He doesn’t have any weaknesses, except one: He is very afraid of fruit.

From the short film Ugly Birdhouse (2016) a 48-Hour film project for San Jose.

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