Props: Vinyl light-up spike ball

RAS-Prop_002_VinylSpikeBallThe Vinyl light-up spike ball,

is a curious looking artifact.  Small, handheld, and ambiguous with tactile feedback.  It’s bright red color contrasts the dark, Gothic background.  All it is capable of is all it was required from it.

First seen in Hush (2014), the spiked ball represented a device that silenced the word through wicked, yet unexplained, technology.  The vision during pre-production was having the villain hold a tiny object in his hands.  Orchestrated body language required the object be held in the palm of the hand, easily lifted, and easily hidden.  It also required tactile feedback, something to press, push, or squeeze.  This would be the visual signal to blanket the world into the silent film era black and white.

Rushing through the local department store near midnight, I strolled through the toy department looking for anything I wouldn’t have to fabricate.  The spiky ball stood out.  As a toy, it is uninviting with its sharp edges.   The red color stands out against costumes of brown and black.  When squeezed, it lights up inside.  However, it the bright sunlight, the LEDs illuminate unnoticed.

Prop facts:
Vinyl light-up spike ball #002.
Purchased from local department store in 2014.
Squeezable vinyl, lights up when dropped or squeezed hard.
Cost: $1.00


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