Props: Kit Cat Clock

RAS_Prop_001_KitCatClockThe Kit Cat Clock,

is part of American novel pop culture since the 1930’s.  A combination of banality and absurdity, its distinctive look instantly invokes emotion from whoever stares into the cat’s gaze.  We kick off our inventory of studio props with the Kit Cat Clock.

As seen in The Story of an Hour (2007), the clock was one of the first props acquired for the sole purpose of filming.  A story with “Hour” in its title, demands time as a theme.  The Kit Cat Clock was chosen for its iconic symbol.  It’s easy to roll your eyes and poke fun at it.  However, it is the clock that does the mocking.  Back and forth it goes and an hour will march by.

On the set, the clock was hung on a screw less than 5 minutes during filming.  It is fragile and delicate.  I wouldn’t recommend turning my back on the cat, it may jump to the floor.  The pendulum tail requires a push and a little patience before it and eyes swing in unison.

To date, the clock returned to the studio warehouse and has not made another appearance since.

Prop facts:
Kit Cat Clock #001
Purchased from on-line retailer in 2007.
Made from light weight plastic.
Battery powered.

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