First still of “Hush”

Hush - PromoParticipating in the San Francisco 48 Hour Film Project 2014, RadioActive Studios releases a Film de Femme, titled “Hush”.  This is the studios 14th 48 Hour Film Project.

Over the weekend starting Friday, June 6th, RadioActive Studios was one of about 43 teams who signed up to produce a film in two days.  Having drawn a Film de Femme, “Hush” is a steampunk themed film about a heroine standing up against a mysterious fiend and his plot to silence the world.

The required elements included a wallet, a tour guide, a specific

  • Alex or Ashley Mahoney, Tour Guide
  • Wallet
  • “What can I say?  It’s the best.”

“Hush” will premiere at the Clay Theater, San Francisco on June 19th 2014.

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