Elizabethan dress: Order custom Renaissance costumes

Order custom Renaissance costumesRenaissance costumes from RadioActive Studios

An Elizabethan dress of film and theatrical quality, it is hand crafted with quality fabric.  As seen in Oboyee (2013) and awarded for Best Costumes for the Santa Rosa 48-Hour Film Project, 2013.

In “Oboyee”, the dress was perfect for an ambiguous time period.  It also described the fantastic, yet delusional world our heroine experiences.  Inspired by “The Yellow Wallpaper”, first published in 1892, the dress helped give the impression of turning back time.  Bed-ridden, our heroine is only seen on her feet looking for her lost child thanks to the mysterious wallpaper that helps her leave.  However, these are only dreams or worse, waking fantasy.

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